Save a Dance for Me

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Save a Dance for Me
by Julia Abreu

Memories are forever written in our hearts and minds, whether its good or bad. There are times when reminiscences are so real and strong that we felt it just happened. And there are times when words cannot capture the essence of those thoughts. But poets are capable of drawing pieces of those experiences and transform them to wonderful expressions, something we can derive from this book of Julia Abreu.

Save a Dance for Me is a collection of nostalgic poems culled from the poets sensuous awareness of the world she lives in. Her world, interwoven with her emotions, brought about an assemblage of words thats smooth to the palate, vivid to the mind, and captivating to the heart.

About the Author

Julia Abreu was born in Portugal where she also spent her childhood and adolescent years. She then moved to the United States of America and lived in New York for forty years before returning to her native country. Back in Portugal, she continues her passion for poetry and came up with the idea for her poems in this book, which are all about the different rhythms of life.

(2012, paperback, 40 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review