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Sasha Andromeda
by Paul D. Escudero

The sequel to Jeeapa, Sasha Andromeda continues with issues concerning Earth’s galactic quarantine prompting the Mergenky alien race to send a mission to the Andromeda Galaxy to intervene. Due to Mergenky concern about the priority of this mission, they send the same crew that figured so heavily in the Jeeapa campaign. When traveling so far away to uncharted worlds normally beyond the reach, the crew’s challenges are compounded by the corruption of the ship’s computer that takes on a human psychology and puts the entire mission at risk.

About the Author:

Paul D. Escudero worked in aerospace and electronics during most of his adulthood. He worked on projects ranging from the space shuttle, probes, black boxes, aircrafts, ships, and submarines. From vacuum tubes to modern day servers and networks, electronics substantially evolved to new directions, such as writing and music.

Escudero lives in San Diego, California, and has broad interests including history, railroads, science, and space. He is studying Japanese and Chinese, and intends to publish his works in those languages in the near future.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review