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by Sijo Art Lapham

Sapienthropy is a dark fantasy with an interesting new take on the lives of werewolves and those cursed to roam the Earth in their skin.

Sentenced to Earth after being found guilty of an unspeakable crime, a werewolf is given human form and the name Stephan Piroy by his earthly guide, Seth. Avoiding murder every full moon becomes essential when Seth reveals any death committed by Stephan will add time to his sentence. Stephan becomes confused when a blind woman takes an interest in him. Stakes only escalate when an old adversary of Seths disrupts the duos plans.

About the Author:

Sijo Art Lapham is currently involved in developing several projects based on his many interests. He is the songwriter and one of the musicians in Sijo, a New England-based rock band, which has released several independent CDs. He is also the founder and chief instructor of the martial art known as Raven Kenpo Ju-Jistsu, as well as the creator of the upcoming graphic novel Rock Dragons.

(2016, Paperback, 158 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review