S.W.I.F.T. A War's Dawn - HB

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S.W.I.F.T. A War's Dawn

By: Ryan R. Liberty


About the Book

It is a time of armistice in the distant galaxy of Zaundos as Grand General Raymond Justice welcomes new recruits to the Republic of SWIFT’s Amphibious Army Corps. Shortly after Raymond takes star recruit Kate Aloe under his wing, an attack from a mysterious new enemy prompts SWIFT to take up arms and return fire. Raymond faces an unexpected challenge as a familiar face appears among the enemy ranks.

About the Author

Ryan R. Liberty is a young adult from a small town in Missouri, USA with a passion for history, science-fiction, and (at least pseudo-) realistic depictions of weaponry and the arts thereof. He has worked on this story for a long time, some of the basic ideas started all the way back in elementary school.


(2023, hardback, 222 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review