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Run It Out

by Tom Dougherty


When John receives a diary from his mom, he’s skeptical of its value at first. After all, what’s a 12-year-old boy got to write about anyway? But he sticks it out. Mom says it will help; and things really haven’t been the same since her diagnosis.

                  Offering a glimpse through the windows of a family battling breast cancer, Tom Dougherty’s Run It Out beautifully captures the perspective of a mother who understands the uncertainty of her future living with breast cancer and a son who does not see the nature of his mother’s fight.


About the Author

Tom Dougherty is a husband to Sherri, father to Thom and Heather, and coach living outside of Philadelphia. When not coaching basketball and softball, he practices law (while wishing he was out of the office and coaching). He is interested in history and politics, is fascinated by people, and has endured decades of mostly bad Philadelphia sports.


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review