Rocking Back and Forth's My Life

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by veronica estes In this collection of obscure confessions, veronica estes presents a memoir of sorts written in a cryptic style that goes right to the emotional heart of her life. She combines writing both poetic and prosaic, while a times fusing genres to take you on a journey to the other side of life, a life sometimes fun, sometimes boring, and often tragic. We hear cooked Benzedrine laugher, we picture incredible dreams full of promise, and deal with a drunk/hungover mother who lives on that couch. In a humorous vein, we read about Barbies One Mistake: Ken wont even talk to her and Skippers joined a gang Barbies now a housewife the job she cannot handle Its not easy being a doll facing middle age. She dreams of her ideal world in The Place. In a place where I make no mistakes I will drown tomorrow out While I wait for sedation to disconnect the mind I can breathe in your tune Join veronica estes in rocking back and forths my life. You will see your life and the lives youve met. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Racine, Wisconsin, veronica estes enjoys painting and freelance writing. (2005, paperback, 38 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review