Robbery of the Word that Meant Freed

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Robbery of the Word that Meant Freed
by Abhira Fashaukahn

Robbery of the Word that Meant Freed is the artistic outgrowth of the authors personal experiences and insights, as well as his philosophical, spiritual, and social influences. He has sought to gather together reflections of various aspects of society in order to indemnify love, peace, [and] tranquilityperfecting languages of talents.

A candid and free-flowing account, Robbery of the Word that Meant Freed offers highly stylized and imagery-laden prose that conveys the authors unique perspective on the forces and events that have shaped the world and changed the lives of individuals.

About the Author

Abhira Fashaukahn is a native of Michigan and currently resides in Georgia, where he is the owner and publisher of Kinaif E Music. A graduate of Ayer High School in Ayer, Massachussetts, Mr. Perason has studied at Marygrove College in Detroit and earned certification from Georgetown University Law Clinics.

The father of one son, Antonio, the authors other interests include cooking, bowling, fishing, golf, art, and investment clubs.

(2009, paperback, 86 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review