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Rise of Albion

By: Daniel C. Zemantic


About the Book

In Aurelia and Thraxia, members of the royal families are taught to distrust their relatives, viewing them as mere obstacles to the throne. In Albion, however, even the most bitter rivals still love and respect one another. Within this trusting environment, royals’ selfish desires are replaced by genuine care for their subjects. While neither Prince John nor King Thomas are perfect, they value and protect the lives of all Albions, including elves, bastards, and freed slaves—three groups other nobles despise.

So, when those lives are jeopardized by a cruel and greedy neighboring king, Prince John must lead his troops into a war that seems senseless. Facing an irrational, vengeful enemy willing to put anyone at risk, Prince John and his knights must tap into all their reserves—magical, mental, and physical—to protect their kingdom and the innocent lives within.

About the Author

Daniel C. Zemantic enjoys watching movies and admiring the creativity that goes into making them. In fact, that admiration is what inspired him to be a writer in the first place. Zemantic started writing at age twelve, focusing on science fiction in his earlier years. After watching more medieval-based entertainment in recent years, Zemantic has been trying his hand at writing fantasy.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review