Richard's Burden - eBook

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Richard’s Burden

By: S. Thomas


About the Book

Angela is in her senior year at an exclusive high school, where she stands out. She’s popular, has all the right friends, the star-athlete boyfriend, and a spot on the prom committee. But her life changes forever when she reconnects with Kaitlyn May, a friend from middle school whose skin is marred by scars. As Angela wrestles with her guilt in her own role in creating those she’ll have to choose between two lives: the one she has credited as a popular girl, or her true self.


Richard’s Burden is a journey of enlightenment for a high school girl as she struggles to be accepted in her school as a person of color in an antebellum-esque environment. It combines true personal experiences and those of fiction to reflect issues that are prevalent in today’s society for many, yet not openly discussed.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review