Revenge? Redemption? Or Just for Convenience? - eBook

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Revenge? Redemption? Or Just for Convenience?
by Randy Harris

As the ex-wives of star athletes and rappers begin to die in mysterious accidents, NYPD Detective Ebony Delaney starts to suspect foul play. Connecting the dots, Delaney uncovers a murder-for-hire plot with one plain motive: Money. As she works to bring down the culprits, she’ll face the most difficult case of her career—putting her badge, and her life, on the line.

Revenge? Redemption? Or Just for Convenience? is a cautionary tale about greed and the evil things people will do in pursuit of wealth. But, as the murderers begin to realize, there is always a reckoning.

About the Author:

Randy Harris was born and raised in Albany, New York. After graduating from Adelphi University, he worked as a Disability Analyst for the Social Security Administration for over thirty years. He enjoyed a lucrative career as a singer signing records contracts and touring and appeared in several Off-Broadway productions including the original cast of the record setting ‘Mama, I want to Sing.’ He is currently recording and performing with Reverend Keith Branch and the Branch Company.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review