Reign of Ashes

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Reign of Ashes

Reign of Ashes

By: Mary E. Jung

About the Book

Queen Mèabh of Rävènna escapes death only to be plunged into the resurrection of the

past. She is the five kingdoms only hope for salvation, but her powers are locked and her

secrets are dangerous. If King Ràidhen wants to gain her confidence he must first prove

he is worthy


King Ràidhen of Èyre has long thought Queen Mèabh dead, but her reappearance brings

back an old grudge, political megalomania, and a buried truth. King Ràidhen is

determined to unravel the mystery around Queen Mèabh and the Darkness. What he

finds will change his life and kingdom forever.


About the Author


Mary E. Jung lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. When she’s not teaching her children Korean, she sits down to write. Jung loves to sing and hopes to bring that creativity into future books.


(2019, paperback, 498 Pages)

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