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Redneck Riviera

By: James Hooker


About the Book

After being laid off from his executive job with a California high-tech company, a man and his wife decide to leave the “rat race” and move to a tropical island on the coast of North Carolina. The culture of the island and its people are completely different from this cosmopolitan couple, who struggle to adapt to the island’s Southern, down-home, Redneck residents.

From food to local traditions, the author documents his humorous journey, in a classic tale of a “clash of cultures.”

What could possibly go wrong when Yankee meets Redneck?

About the Author

James Hooker has spent over thirty years in research and technology in California’s Silicon Valley. He is a former vice president of global sales and has travelled extensively throughout Asia Pacific, Japan, and Europe.

He and his wife have been married for 21 years.

After living on North Carolina’s coast for four years, they moved north, and currently live in Rhode Island, where he continues to write, with the assistance of their two cats.


(2024, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review