Red Bird Come to Broadway: Book Three (PB)

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Red Bird Come to Broadway: Book Three (PB)

Red Bird Come to Broadway: Book Three

By: Delores Bryant


About the Book

Born Delores Bryant in a rural North Carolina town, the prophetic Red Bird Come to Broadway trilogy began. Delores’ true-life story will have you in awe as the mystery unfolds. It has taken forty years to write this story, and at the age of seventy-seven, it has finally been finished, what started out in 1972, as Red Bird Come to Broadway. Follow this remarkable tale as Delores captivates you on this journey of poetry, prophecy, sex, and mystery that will keep you turning the page.

Now, in last entry of the Red Bird Come to Broadway trilogy, this mysterious and sweeping journey concludes..  


About the Author

Delores Bryant is an accomplished writer and artist. In addition to exploring mysteries of a prophetic nature, she also enjoys designing and making jewelry. She is well-practiced at being the best grandmother to several grandchildren. She has a large family.


(2020, Paperback, 542 Pages)


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