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by Ralph Larry Lundberg

Our search for reality (conscious or subconscious) and meaningfulness in our journey through life is never ending. We must live in our own reality, not someone else’s “fog” of reality. Life is the strangest happening, full of surprises and games, experiencing all of the ramblings the mind can arrange. Time is an illusion, reality unchanged; fluid in catechism, being rearranged. Irrelevancy has time lost.

The poems in Reality Is an Illusion capture some of the thoughts to help us think about our existence—real or imagined.

About the Author:

Ralph Larry Lundberg is an eclectic, an explorer, an art collector, artist, and photographer. He has written poems for over twenty-five years. His first self-published paperback book is Intimacies of Life-Love, which was published in 2000. He has achieved numerous awards from the National Library of Poetry and the International Society of Poets. His poems were first published in “New Voices in American Poetry, 1976” and from 1995 through 2005 in the National Library of Poetry collections, et. al. He enjoys the creative talents exhibited in all forms of art.

Ralph is well traveled and enjoys the wonderful cultures and people during his travels. He has learned that reality is everyone’s illusion of what they see and feel through their own fog, their life’s conditioning, their filtration of what is supposedly real to them. He keeps God and his wife/family first place in this life.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review