Ranch Tails: Welcome Orphan Mustang Nina - eBook

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Ranch Tails: Welcome Orphan Mustang Nina

By: Jane O'Meara-Hendricks


About the Book

Ranch Tails is a series of short stories about ranch animals and ranch life.  Welcome Orphan Mustang Nina is the true story about a little wild Mustang foal, who at the age of approximately 12 days old, was abandoned by her mother out in the wild. The story takes place in a far Northwest corner of Colorado. It is a story of her adaptation to humans, survival, and acceptance into a herd that she can call her own.

About the Author

Jane O'Meara-Hendricks has been riding and loving horses since she was six years old. She is passionate about Mustang horses. She has been a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor for over 25 years. She runs a Therapeutic Horsemanship Program for Law Enforcement personnel and First Responders at her ranch. Her adopted Mustangs are the full time staff for the program. She lives on her beautiful ranch in Northwest Colorado with her family and numerous animals.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review