Your Children, Your Money

By David Turman
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Raising children is becoming more difficult with each passing year. Not only is it necessary for both parents to work just to supply the basic needs, but then there are the wants the material things they just have to have for any multitude of reasons, usually because their peers do. How is a parent to provide these dire necessities without spoiling the child or being seen as an ogre for saying no because the child doesnt deserve them? How about earning the money and pay for it themselves, thus teaching them a work ethic and the value of money? As David Turman explains in Your Children, Your Money, in order for this to work, the entire family must be on the same page, which requires a family meeting. All family members must gather and discuss, freely and frankly, the state of the familys finances, including immediate needs and futures goals. Then a plan can be drawn up to allow the children to barter household chores for the things they feel they cant live without. About the Author: A native of Ohio, David Turman and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Colorado, where they are raising five children: Anthony, Jeremy, Dean, Autumn, and Courtney.

Published: 2003
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