You Are A Dirty Old Man: A Joke Book

By Banis Skip Cloud
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You Are a Dirty Old Man (A Joke Book)

There is quite nothing like a hilarious line or two to start or cap a day; indeed, irreverent sense of humor might just be the most potent weapon to thwart all of the worlds lingering problems.

And why not, when you have a work like You Are a Dirty Old Man by Banis Skip Cloud?

As can be expected of such works, not all the jokes included in this book are nothing neweither weve heard them before in one form or anothernevertheless, whos to say we can ever stop laughing at even the oldest jokes going around? And, of course, we always find that crisp, new joke that we cant wait to crack at people we know: officemates, friends, and family.

And who knows, we might even be helping an old man get the hamburger of his choice.

About the Author

A seventy-three-year-old man who has worked hard all of his life, Mr. Cloud hopes to sell a few of his books so he can enjoy a Lumpys hamburger now and then. At times when telling a joke, he has been called a dirty old man. Hence, the title of the book.

He attended Fresno State for a short time, but love got in the way of him going long enough to graduate. He is retired and still telling jokes.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 54