World Upside Down: The Life Of Paul, God’S Chosen Messenger

By Louis McCall
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Saul was an uncompromising Pharisee and religious bigot. He approved of the death of Christianity’s first martyr, Stephen, after the crucifixion of Jesus. He knew the scriptures but didn’t really know God. Above all, he lacked God’s character of love, compassion, mercy, and self-sacrifice. If you weren’t born a Hebrew, Saul considered you a pagan far from access to the promises of God. He was so cruel he pulled men and women from their homes in chains and brought before the religious tribunal known as the Sanhedrin to be judged and punished. Their offence was believing that Jesus of Nazareth came from God, was born a man of a virgin when she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, fulfilled scripture, died for the sins of the world by an unjust crucifixion, preceded by torture, and rose again, after appearing to His followers, and then was taken up into heaven until He should return for His saints. To Saul, these Jews were heretics. His duty was to make them recant. Some were put to death in the process.

Then Saul encountered the risen savior Jesus Christ. Learn how everything changed for him, Judea, Jews, and the world.

• Why did God choose Saul, also called Paul, the Greek version of the same name?

• How was Paul prepared for three years without interacting with the apostles?

• What special miracles were attributed to Paul?

• Why was Paul such a tireless traveler on mission?

• What inspired a new generation to be co-workers with Paul knowing how much he suffered for the gospel?

• Learn how Paul established churches and placed trusted male and female co-laborers in them to ensure the growth and development of those churches.

• How was the worship of God changed? What was different about The Way?

• How did the gospel focus change to include evangelizing formerly pagan non-Hebrews?

• What were the issues with rejectionist traditional Jews and with Christian Judaizers?

• What did the centers of idol worship and the rulers of that day have to fear from Paul?

• What about Paul convinced Christians to be willing to suffer persecution and death for their faith after he and the apostle Peter were executed by a mad Caesar?

As you read this book, you will feel like you are walking with Paul and sense his determination to fulfill the calling he received directly from the Lord Jesus. See his love, prayers, and pastoral care for those that accepted Jesus Christ through his ministry.

About the Author

Louis McCall has been a professor, diplomat, and a minister of God as an ambassador for Christ in a career that has taken him to more than 60 countries. This has included re-tracing some steps of the apostle Paul.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32