Words From The Pew

By Charles E. Martin
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Words from the Pew

The writings herein are the words the Holy Spirit placed in my heart, and I believe they serve a divine purpose. In Words from the Pew, Charles E. Martin works through a variety of subjects in Scripture, drawing from a number of commentaries and his own writings from daily devotionals. Inspired to write during his time as a Sunday-school teacher, Martin puts the challenges of the Christian journey in laymans terms, writing of his own personal understanding and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to provide an everyday perspective on God, His Son, and what it means to be a Christian.

When God opens a door, Martin says, it is the responsibility of every Christian to follow in His will. Words from the Pew opens a door to readers, inviting them in to experience Gods Word from Martins point of view and providing a sound foundation for further research on subjects that peak their interest.

About the Author

Charles E. Martin is a former Sunday-school teacher and retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force. Serving faithfully for over twenty-one years, his active-duty service spanned the Vietnam era and all three phases of the first Gulf War: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Calm. After his retirement from the Air Force, he earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Texas Southern University, going on to eventually retire from the United States Postal Service. Martin is a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and AMVETS. He has been married to his wife, Betty, for thirty-one years, and his daughter is an ordained minister.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 82