Wild Flowers

By ShaLee Hansen
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In the Highlands of Scotland in the 1300s, a time of war for independence and clan superiority, love blooms among the keeps of the McLean, Leslie, and McLaird clans.

Jane McLaird and Alec McLean learn what it means to be truly cherished, protected, and loved. Though beautiful Jane may seem different with her delicate small frame and deformed foot, she will always be perfect to Alec, her one true love.

Margret does not know how beautiful and desirable she is until Quinlan, the man of her dreams, tells her of her true beauty. Quinlan himself is unaware of his worth, having been a scarred man, until Margret shows him how to love.

Young and innocent Heather McLean has been betrothed to Andrew Leslie before she has been born. A bit free-spirited, she has unknowingly shown that adult responsibilities dont mean leaving ones childhood dreams behind. With her love, Andrew learns that and so much more. Having to grow up far too early, he is prepared to teach his young bride a thing or two, but instead she has taught him some of lifes most important lessons.

About the Author

ShaLee Hansen is a military spouse and mother of two. As a child, she often lived in imaginary worlds, making cups and spoons into dolls to play with and taking imaginary friends for walks in the jungle of her backyard. She always had a story to tell that is more fun from the truth. After meeting her husband, who is a true romantic hero in her eyes, turning her life into the perfect romance novel, all she wants to do is make stories of true love that is almost as good as her own.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 92