Why Me? Why Not Me? A Journey Of Faith

By Toni M. Hyler
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Why Me? Why Not Me? A Journey of Faith

Through the ups and downs of life, through death and birth, through happiness and sadness, one thing remained constant for Toni M. Hyler: her faith in God and His faithfulness to her.

In Why Me? Why Not Me? A Journey of Faith, author Toni M. Hyler shows readers the goodness of God and His plan even in the midst of tragedy and hardship. As the author deals with the loss of her husband, her son-in-law, and her job, she is able to continue to praise God and watch Him work in her life. She writes this account of her life with the hope that others will come to know God as she has.

About the Author: Toni M. Hyler has always enjoyed teaching others, especially when it comes to her religious beliefs and her knowledge of wine. She is Italian-American and has been a Roman Catholic her entire life. In her work in the wine industry, she had travelled to Tuscany, Italy; Lucerne, Switzerland; and Napa Valley in California. She and her husband live in Spring, Texas, and her mother, daughter, and granddaughter live nearby.

Published: 2015
Page Count: 92