Why Don't You Fly?: A Caterpillar's Tale

By Karl Hackbarth
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Why Don’t You Fly? Introduces us to a butterfly who overcomes a frightening experience to achieve his full potential. The story is about a butterfly who cannot fly but is inspired to try.

Many folks struggle with past events that prevent them from embracing their future. Through love and faith, anything is possible.

About the Author

Karl Hackbarth and his wife, Pat, enjoy traveling together. They also adventure in their RV with their two Australian Shepherds, Freckles and Pebbles, and Bingo their African gray parrot. When they are not on the road they enjoy kayaking in ocean surf, scuba diving, photography, and nature walks with the pups.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 34

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Pat Bond Hackbarth
Why Can’t You Fly by Karl Hackbarth

A book for all ages. There are times in one’s life when things seem overwhelming. This can lead to health issues, emotional concerns, and a number of different feelings. In Why Can’t You Fly all ages can once again learn that all things are possible with the right thoughts and feelings. It is a matter of realizing your own innate capabilities and possibilities. A book for all ages to read, contemplate, and enjoy.