By Marylyn Anselm
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This collection of passionate poetry traces the theme of lifes many ups and downs. In the words of the poet, it calls upon the pressure points of life: a time to be born; a time as a child; a time as a young adult full of expectations; a time as a parent working to keep your home together; a time to ponder on how you have lived your life; a time to reflect on death and your legacy; and, finally, a time to pray.

About the Author

As a Nigerian living in a great country with dynamic cultures, people, places, and events, Marylyn Anselm is never in short supply of ideas and inspiration to start each poem. Anselm, a banker with almost two decades of experience, has travelled far and wide to several states, local governments, villages, and communities within Nigeria. These experiences and many more contributed to the success of this book, but most especially, the poets faith in God, His mercy and grace pouring forth the words, and his beloved wife, always there to pick me up each time I fall.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 44