When The Time Comes

By Linda P. Mack
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The death of a loved one can be an intense experience, leaving the living with pain and many unanswered questions. Linda P. Mack experienced the deaths of two important women in her life: her mother, Mrs. Phillips; and her friend, Mrs. Collins. Along these journeys, she and others witnessed many signs that prepared them for the coming deaths, including recollections of past events, the calling of deceased loved ones, and the change of body temperature from warm life to cold stillness. In addition, she had many visions and heard many quotes about death that proved to be true. The happenings left her with many questions about pain, comatose states, and how death conquers the body.

In her book, When the Time Comes, Linda P. Mack shares her powerful experiences with death in the hopes that her readers might recognize the signs God gives to prepare us for the death of a loved one. She also encourages us all to remember that God has a plan, and He will care for us in life and in death.

About the Author

Linda P. Mack lives in Jackson, Mississippi, where she works as a Administrative Assistant I for the Mississippi Department of Transportation. She graduated from Murrah High School in 1979, and she attended Hinds Junior College in 1984 and Mississippi College in 1996. Linda is divorced, and she has three children: Theresa Sherrelle Burks, James Albert Mack Jr., and Quantis TyDarrian Mack. In her spare time, Linda loves writing short stories and poetry. One day she hopes to open a care home for the homeless; her greatest joy comes from helping others.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 106