When The Amaryllis Blooms

By Julie Noel Cubbage Devlin
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When the Amaryllis Blooms by Julie Noel Cubbage Devlin is a unique memoir of the authors life as a twin. Julies parents already had two tiny daughters when Julie and her twin, Jackie, were born. Needless to say, having four young daughters created a close bond between the sisters.

Jackie was the firstborn, arriving seven minutes before Julie, and their personalities were quite different even at a young age. As they grew older, there were parts of their lives where they seemed to be very much alike, but they took different life paths as they moved into adulthood. What are the odds that years later they would both receive a diagnosis of cancer and would begin the fight of their lives? Devlin has shared these experiences from her own point of view and the memories she relives When the Amaryllis Blooms.

About the Author

Julie Noel Cubbage Devlin was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, the youngest of four girls, one her twin.

Devlin graduated from the University of Missouri and accepted a writing job with the Suburban Journals, full-time and part-time for almost a decade. She was also a server at a five star hotel.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 238