When Tears Are Not Enough: The Journey Begins: Faith, Hope, Healing, Diane's Memoir

By Liliana R. Christophe
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When Tears Are Not Enough is about a young girl’s journey from being sexually abused at the age of six, to having her first child at age twelve, and being a mother of five by age twenty-four. After years of manipulation, Diane realizes that she can finally speak up and speak out. An urgent message to anyone out there who feels their voice has been taken from them, Diane finds the ability to not only love herself but forgive those that tried to destroy her sense of self-worth.

About the Author

Liliana R. Christophe was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Oakland, California. She enjoyed a career with the federal government for thirty-five years. Additionally, she has a passion for community service, feeding the homeless, and volunteering at shelters. Liliana has had her share of trials and great triumphs. She is a cancer survivor and thanks God for His grace and mercy. She also credits her daughter from her first marriage, for giving her the will to press on when life seemed hopeless.

In 2021, Liliana was blessed to marry her high school sweetheart, her true soulmate. Together, Liliana and her husband love to travel the world, attend church, and share the joys and pains of parenting four adult children and the pleasure of five grandchildren. Liliana has a deep faith in God, and it is that faith that has guided her through this journey to write this book for her birth mother, Diane.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32