When Does The Sorrow End

By Victor Grant
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When Does the Sorrow End is a suspenseful thriller that follows Pat Motley’s journey from New York to Key Cone Island and back to the city again. Victor Grant finished his novel a little after he turned twenty. It elaborates on a multitude of multi-color topics: It accomplishes the thorough, daring product of a few years’ practice with poetry and draws the boundaries of prose together to form a thrilling and captivating aspect of life, one that dissolves through many tinges of Motley that prod the reader ever forth through its pages.

About the Author

Victor Grant believes in the variable tinges of life. He believes in each and every opportunity behind the pages and that, indeed, there is something very important and unknown that writers have to unravel. Grant has been thoroughly indulged in writing poetry and prose for the last couple of years. Moreover, he has found literature to be a wonderful and enchanting place, where dreams partake of reality with but a glimmer’s notice and where there are innumerable, ink-induced horizons to choose from. And he believes behind each writer’s dream exists an occasional freedom of opportunity that ends by the pen’s tip or the final click in the text document.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 316