What The Heart Craves: A Poetic Introspection

By G. Stubbs
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As our lives continue to unfold and change, we may find ourselves lost amid day-to-day activities, even though we have success in all areas of life. Oftentimes our hurried lives cause us to forget the simplistic nature of knowing who we are and our purpose in life. Self-discovery is difficult but essential. We must not fear looking to the past in order to find our future, urges author G. Stubbs. In his volume of unforgettable poetry, G. Stubbs shares his own life experiences, as he desires to help others embrace their authentic selves. So venture beyond shallow obscurities into the deep, see if you can find while its your time, what your heart craves.

About the Author

G. Stubbs began expressing his love for verse as an elementary student. Later in life, he was moved in spirit by the likes of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson. Mr. Stubbs has earned a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice and a masters degree in human resources management. He has had a lengthy and promising administrative career in public service, but looks forward to dedicating more time to writing. He describes his passion for poetry in essence, poetry is like melting my soul, it gives my life its flavor while allowing me to taste it.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 102