What Do I Want To Be? If I Grow Up!

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Beverly J. (Wilde) Perkins

What Do I Want to Be? If I Grow Up! chronicles life experiences of the author to show how life can suddenly change and grow, how events—good or bad—can lead to strong learning opportunities. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished if we are willing to work for it. Not many people have moved through experiences like these and loved each of them. Readers will see that anything is possible at any age and that you can learn and achieve many goals at any stage of life. It is never too late to learn and provide knowledge to others. Always enjoy whatever stage of life you are in. It is always a steppingstone.

About the Author

Beverly J. (Wilde) Perkins grew up an only child but married a man who was one of six boys. She went on to be married for sixty-one years, had four children, nine grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Her hobbies also always involved her children, and helping children find success in all they attempted to accomplish was always her main interest. She went from volunteering in her children’s school to driving a bus for the district. Perkins also became the assistant sponsor for the school Pompon Squad. When their last child graduated high school, Perkins went to college and became a fourth-grade teacher. After a few years, she went on to more education and became an administrator in the same district. After being principal for nine years, she retired at the age of sixty-five.

Published: 2022
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