We Are All Small Once

By Richard Neil LaBute Jr.
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About the Book

A collection of touching farm stories, We Are Small Once beautifully depicts the process of growing up through the eyes of adorable farm animals. All of their stories are unique, but they all share one basic theme: we are all small once. Although life may throw many changes our way, we must remember the paths weve taken over our lives and be thankful for the journeys we have experienced. With the simple, but thought-provoking, reminder to view the world through young eyes, We Are Small Once invites the reader into a family farm full of wonder, hope, and gratitude.

About the Author

Richard Neil LaBute Jr. resides with his wife, Yoko, on their family farm in Central Minnesota. In addition to crop farming and animal husbandry, Richard pilots corporate and air ambulance flights.

Sarah Maiko LaBute-Williams, the youngest daughter of Richard and Yoko, resides in St Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, Dan, and their two children, Emma and Simon. Sarah is a graduate of The College of St. Benedict, majoring in Theology and Psychology. Art has always been one of her greatest passions.

The father-daughter collaboration on We Are All Small Once is only the beginning of this duos writing adventure.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 70