Watch For Fallen Rocks

By Sharleen Leigh West
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Passing the sign, WATCH FOR FALLEN ROCKS, Pawpaw begins to tell his grandchildren a tale. Featuring Fallen Rock, Crossing Bear, and Crossing Dear, this story is a fictionalized account of how each sign came to be placed where they are today. Through his tale, Pawpaw teaches his grandchildren about bullying, brotherly love, and learning to accept differences and interests of others in your life.

This book offers powerful lessons about history, family, and forgiveness, and reminds readers of the importance of spending time with the elder generations to learn from them.

About the Author

Sharleen Leigh West is a docent for her city’s museum, the historian for the Tabernacle United Methodist Church, and a member of both the Poquoson Historical Society and the Order of the Eastern Star. She is a daughter of the Charles Parish Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, where she holds 1st Vice Regent position. She is also a daughter of the Bethel Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and is their 1st Vice President.

West’s hobbies are sewing, cooking, crafting, camping, fishing, and shooting black powder period guns and artillery. She enjoys researching ancestry and ladies of history and makes period clothing including all the underpinnings, hats, and bonnets. She wears this period fashion to portray ladies of history for schools and museums, and she also competes in national Victorian clothing competitions.

West lives in her hundred-year-old ancestral family home in Poquoson with her two pugs, Anna and Elsa. She has a daughter, Amber, and a son, Stephen, and three grandchildren: Shealyn, Tyler, and Clay.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 50