Walk -- Don't Wait

By David C. Zaloudek
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Walk – Don’t Wait

David C. Zaloudek’s Walk – Don’t Wait uses simple, easy-to-understand language and, at the same time, makes losing weight and becoming healthy interesting. Absent is the dry, technical jargon seen in too many books of this type.

Other authors make dieting and maintenance so scientific and boring that weight loss seems difficult. Zaloudek’s program is simple. Even better, it requires no expensive exercise equipment… actually, there’s no exercise at all. He only recommends that you Walk – Don’t Wait. Yes, just move and exercise your writing hand to keep track of vital information to help you achieve results.

Weight loss and maintenance is possible if you are willing to be aware of your eating and daily living. This book provides hope for a new life with only tiny tweaks in your lifestyle.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 288