Vertical Play

By Laura Downing Root
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About the Book

When humans finally find another planet inhabited by intelligent and friendly beings, they are thrilled to conduct mutually beneficial exchanges with the humanlike civilization.

In California, Kim, an extraordinary veterinary technician, needs all her wit and humor to attend to the myriad of homebred and new, exciting alien animal species now requiring medical attention at the animal hospital where she works.

Most humans and Kim find working with Himbiansas the aliens are calledmuch worth the while, especially when learning of their much advanced water technology. But will they be able to convince the Smithsons of the inherent good of working with aliens?

Counting Kims former husband and in-laws, the Smithsonslike the countless other humans who always prefer to view aliens and other strangers with suspicionrepresent the last hurdle in linking Earth with the vast potential of the universal community out there.

About the Author

Her work as a veterinary technician and her love of science fiction and mystery inspired Laura to come up with this book. Laura, like Kim in this book, is a registered veterinary technician with a two-year nursing degree and an LVN. A native of Texas, she has spent the last twenty-four years of her life in California with her husband, Aaron. Laura likes cooking, catering, and reading.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 120