Unsnoring Your World

By Henry OQuinn
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In Unsnoring Your World, Henry OQuinn provides the reader with a revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of snoring. OQuinn details the conditions that bring on snoring and suggests innovative ways to eliminate your snoring and the snoring in those sleeping near you. The simple solution OQuinn suggests requires no equipment, no expensive procedures, and no medication. The Remedy is something that anyone can do at any time. OQuinn stands by his theory, believing that Unsnoring Your World will enable blissful quiet nights to soon be enjoyed by all. About the Author: Henry OQuinn earned his B.S. in Engineering from Auburn University and is chief operations officer for a company in northern Alabama. He is a member of several local clubs and enjoys hobbies such as gardening, astronomy, meteorology, and photography. OQuinn wrote Unsnoring Your World because he believes snoring is an affliction that harms not only the person snoring, but harms all those whose sleep is disturbed because of it. He explains, Upon observing obnoxious snoring, the cause suddenly occurred to me. After he tested this theory and felt satisfied with the results, he decided to share his new useful knowledge with others.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 68