Universe Transacta

By Kenneth Musser
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Universe Transacta is the continuation of author Kenneth Mussers avant-garde views on futuristic cosmic space exploration and cosmic space development. Mr. Musser writes of The powers of business, marketing, markets, cyber and bio-cyber electronics, robotic cybernetics, and the galactic universeThe futuristic powers that be. He offers the reader A glimpse into the future of mans future habitat: dynamic cyber power systems in the galaxies that be, both natural as well as man-made galaxies that be. With an emphasis on the new wave technology of and for the future, Kenneth Mussers descriptive prose and vivid imagery encourage the reader to embrace the creative advances that are possible in Universe Transacta.

About the Author

A graduate of Fair Lawn Public Schools in New Jersey and of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, the author also holds a masters degree from Michigan State University. Kenneth Musser currently resides in Pennsylvania, where he devotes much of his time as an author, designer/inventor, poet, and songwriter/lyricist. Universe Transacta is the authors sixteenth published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 46