Unified Particle Theory: The Concept

By Localized Motion Researcher; Gordon W. Stull
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In this book, Localized Motion Researcher; Gordon W. Stull lays out in clear terms the Unified Particle Theory, which posits that all of humanityand indeed all of creationis more interconnected than we may realize.

Though it is a heady topic, Mr. Stulls use of language and metaphor brings the abstract into the realm of the understandable, grounding these high-minded concepts in imagery that the layman can appreciate. He goes on to suggest that the great mysteries of what brought the Universe into existence can be answered by the inclusion of God and, furthermore, that this vast interconnectedness is a result of Christ Jesus and the Kingdom of God being present in every person.

Enjoyable for the naturalist and the spiritualist alike, Mr. Stulls Unified Particle Theory sheds light onto some of the great issues of our time, and promotes thoughtful consideration.

About the Author

Born in Glendale, California, in 1955, Gordon W. Stull was actually raised in Missouri, where he still resides to this day. He has been interested in the great mysteries of the universe since he was a child having researched the concept of infinity at age five! This passion made its way into a profession, as a small engine mechanic and pure motion researcher. Though the concept of infinity and the vastness of the universe has frightened him, he was always able to find solace in God; something which is clearly reflected in his work.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 48