By Kira Love Colbert
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About the Book

Undone is an epic historical tale of love, loss and redemption. After the death of his affluent and influential adopted father, a former slave is publicly and politically disinherited and exiled from his home in Spain. Through a voyage to America to start a new life, this you man starts a new life, find love, claims his inherited rights, and avenge his family name – and himself.

About the Author

A veteran teacher with a deep love of reading and history, Kira Love Colbert – who was raised in the military and has traveled extensively abroad – has always been drawn to nature, mythology and the art of storytelling. She is drawn to the history of ancient cultures and civilizations, and credits her Early Childhood Education students for encouraging her to see the world differently and use it as inspiration for her writing.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 112