Ultimate Reality In Disguise

By Charles J. Raso
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Most people have a strong sense of self but do you remain true to yourself at all times, in all situations? Charles J. Raso believes that only by being true to oneself can a person come to know God, achieve true happiness, and become the person he or she is meant to be. Ultimate Reality in Disguise will help you examine your self and open your eyes to the word of God. Here, Charles J. Raso shares his insights he gathered from a course in group dynamics, using the course questionnaires as a launchpad to more in-depth reflection. In addition to analyzing his own involvement in the course, his perception of the attitudes of others, and suggestions to enhance the learning experience of his course mates, this self-study also prompted a series of Dear Bill Letters to the course instructor. Through these messages, Charles J. Raso shares the word of God as they delve deeper into the concepts such as Freedom through Involvement, The Ordeal of Self-Disclosure, and Contact versus Withdrawal. Take advantage of Charles J. Rasos insightful observations about human behavior and the need to share ones true self more fully through the challenging letters and evaluations shares within the pages of Ultimate Reality in Disguise.

About the Author

Charles J. Raso is the retired father of two daughters, currently making his home in Ohio. He enjoys reading, writing, and creative thinking. This is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 54