Turn Your Dream Into Reality

By Alvin F. Mason
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Start and Grow Your Business

Everyone has a dream. But not everyone knows how to turn that dream into something achievable. Entrepreneurs are people who go out on their own to venture into a new business or idea that few would attempt. If you have a desire to be self-employed, but do not know where to begin, this book will be your missing guide.

Turn Your Dream Into Reality: Start and Grow Your Business is the guide for those who want something more out of the work they do. Perhaps things have not gone your way. Perhaps you have been made to feel you are unable to achieve your goals because of where you come from, your nationality, or current economic standing. This book gives great advice in achieving success on a step-by-step level. Success is inside everyone willing to work for it.

About the Author

Alvin F. Mason has over 40 years of professional and/or management experience. He is proficient in every management discipline in the business environment and can integrate all of the separate disciplines into one effective efficient operation. He has been a marketing and distribution manager; worked in sales; worked as a production manager; worked in the budget and accounting profession; worked as a recruiter/trainer and human resource manager for a major restaurant chain; and been an attorney. In addition he has been a director of a non-profit as well as an adjunct professor at the community college level and done independent business consulting and had articles published.

He has a Law Degree, A Master’s Degree In Business and Public Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and Bachelor Degrees in Management and Accounting. He also finished an Advanced Certification Program (a BA equivalent) at Catholic University in Information Technology. In 2014 he received a Professional Certificate in Web Design from Sessions College.

In addition to Consulting, he has worked as a Customer Service Representative with The US Small Business Administration and worked with Strategic Management Solutions (SMS) a major consulting firm which specializes in Small and medium businesses

Published: 2019
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