Truth In Stories: Ages 4 Through 6

By Ammama
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In todays world of violent cartoons and unrealistic movies, it is refreshing to come across a collection of stories which not only preach a moral outcome, but also teach children how to deal with real-life issues. Truth in Stories for Ages Four through Six by Ammama is one such refreshing collection. For example, what should a child do when he sees his best friend stealing? How can children handle issues such as racism, especially if it is taught or encouraged by their own parents? And what should they do when they find something that does not belong to them are they allowed to keep it or should they try to locate the owner? These and other tough issues are tackled head-on in an easy-to-understand yet no-nonsense manner by Ammama, using appropriate language for her audience. Note to Parents: These stories are for young children ages 4 through 6. They are fun to read yet they deal with real problems in our society today. Children need to make right choices at an early age. Children need to know how to discern good from evil. 1. Children need to know how to make the right choices at an early age. 2. Children need rules to live by. 3. Children need to be taught moral values when they are young. 4. Children must know a person does right because it is right to do so.

About the Author

After working with young children at her church for over thirty years, Ammama has seen many of the subjects she has addressed in her book come up time and time again. A retired nurse and native of Kentucky, in her spare time she enjoys sewing, reading, and writing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 30