Trust Again?

By Bonnie Corley
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Trust Again? by author Bonnie Corley is a novel about the issues that can arise during a marriage. Drystan and Melva Spellman, after ten years of marriage and two kids, are having problems – Drystan wants to be free of his commitment. Melva is understandably devastated, but instead of spending her days in agony, she decides to be the strongest woman she possibly can be for her children. This novel shows that there can be hope after mistakes and makes the point that couples should not just throw everything away for fleeting pleasures. This novel also details the sadness of children who may be involved in divorce in a heartbreaking and real way. It is the author’s hope that couples will try harder to stay together and work through their problems.

About the Author

Bonnie Corley was raised on a small cotton farm outside of a very small town in Georgia. She was number six in a family of seven children who were all taught to work hard and be upright and honest people. You might say the family was poor, but they didn’t know it – her daddy was a farmer and her mother worked at a textile mill. There was always food on the table and clothes to wear, even if they were hand-me-downs. Mrs. Corley has always loved books from the time she learned to read.

Mrs. Corley married the love of her life and raised five children together. She is extremely proud of all of her children, as they are all hard workers and great adults. After nearly 61 years of marriage, her beloved husband passed away. She currently has 10 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren, all of whom make her very proud.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 72