Tomorrow: Tag Kis

By Houa Lor
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Tomorrow: Tag Kis is provocative and stunning tale of a love lost in the midst of war and chaos and a woman who could not, or perhaps would not, move beyond her past.

Told from the shifting first-person perspectives of May Joua Lor and her children, the emotional intimacy of the narrative stands in sharp contrast to the distance from which May Joua related to her family. On her deathbed, she confides to her daughter the history that forced her to marry a man she did not love and led her to choose to refuse to ever accept his love for her. As her grown children grieve for their parents as well as for the shortcomings of their relationship, they struggle to move beyond their fears and their anger, seeking to find meaning and peace as they learn, finally, to truly love.

The strength of tradition and family in the Hmong culture set strong expectations in the family we are introduced to in Tomorrow: Tag Kis, and it is these traditions each individual must struggle with, taking what is best from the past and finding the strength, as well, to challenge boundaries when necessary.

About the Author

Houa Lor is a native of Thailand and now resides in Minnesota with her husband and daughter, where she studies creative writing and business management at Stratford Career Institute. Ms. Lors other work includes Eclipse of the Heart.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 100