Timeless Friendships

By Michelle Le Blanc
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Through a fast Mustang car race, riveting graduation speeches, one unforgettable vacation to the best cultural spots in Europe, and breezy Christmas shopping trips, follow the lives of six affluent seniors bound for illustriousness:

John, the high school football star with a killer arm; Hanna, a future member of the Deans List and cheerleader with dreams of becoming a dance choreographer; Noah, the math and science wiz and class valedictorian; Kaitlyn, the witty one with a flare for argumentation and law; Daniel, the drumstick-wielding rocker with dreams of stardom; and Aleana, a Maria Carey fan with a red-hot convertible.

Soon, though, our once inseparable clique must graduate high school, go their separate ways, and face the real world. Will Aleana and Daniels love be strong enough to endure a tragic hiking accident that leaves Daniel crippled for life? Can Daniel overcome his doctors grim prognosis? Will Noah and Kaitlyn forgive the past and rekindle their love? And Hanna and John have everything perfect until the unthinkable happens.

About the Author

A second-generation American of French and Irish descent, Michelle Le Blanc is a proud resident of Ventura County, California.

It is interesting to see how life can bring you to where you really need to be. Writing is about creation, Michelle says. During these times, I have been writing evenings and weekends. The burning desire has been a wake-up call to get on with my talent. Life is too short. This is my dream come true. Im only here once. This is not the end of the story. There are many to write. This is my purpose in life with all my heart, mind, and soul.

Michelle dedicates time to children, elderly, and charity work.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 70