Three Simple Questions: Being In The World, But Not Of It

By Charles Horton
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Three simple questions are all that you need to help guide your decisions and grow closer to God/love on a daily basis. These questions will help you put your daily life into perspective and help you realize what is important and what isnt. By living your life according to these three simple questions, you will be happier and more fulfilled because you will know, not hope, that you are acting in a beneficial way at all times, doing things that will deepen your relationship with God/love.

In Three Simple Questions, Charlie Horton provides all of the tools you will need to achieve this deeper relationship. The book is divided into chapters, each addressing a different aspect of life that can be confounding without help and guidance. Each chapter presents a series of daily meditations to help you examine and overcome these challenges and answer the three simple questions.

About the Author

Charlie Horton lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is sixty-seven and is happily married to his wife of thirty-three years. He enjoys being out in nature and connecting on a spiritual level with the plants and animals around him. He suffers from cerebellar degeneration which has disabled him and left him with a speech impediment, but that has not stopped him from communicating with the world through his writing. You can learn more about Charlie by visiting his website and blog:

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 88