Three Feet, Three Hours: One Physician's Experience With Addiction And Recovery

By C. K. Bremel, MD
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C. K. Bremel, MD, was a successful physician with his own practice for over twenty-seven years. But for the last eight years, he has completely destroyed his life. He has a beautiful wife and family; big, fancy house; luxury cars; and his dream career. Alcohol changed all of that. It was only after he lost his family did Bremel realize the destruction his substance abuse caused.

In Three Feet, Three Hours, Bremel shares his journey from the beginning of his addiction all the way through his recovery journey. He shares his experiences through the lens of a medical professional, highlighting not only the emotional turmoil but also his knowledge of addiction as a mental illness. For others who may be struggling with addiction, Bremel’s insight is a valuable tool on your own journey towards rehabilitation. 

About the Author

C. K. Bremel, MD, began studying alcoholism and addiction in 2008. He is a husband to a loving wife and father to four wonderful children. In his spare time, Bremel is an avid reader.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 58