Thornless Roses

By Taylor C. Turnbull
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It was a night after their first date. Nancy was talking to her best friend about a perfect gentleman whom she met and had dinner with when a box of a dozen red roses were delivered to her. It was from Dan. On the card that accompanied the flowers, he wrote: THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL TIMEPS THE RED ROSES ARE FOR LOVE, BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS THE THORNS. Little did she know that this note left her a message about a life she will have to terrifyingly face.

Dan was never the same after their wedding. He controlled almost every minute detail of Nancys life. One flimsy mistake and she would get hurtphysically or mentally. Even the birth of their daughter, Sara, didnt change him.

Nancy accepted her fate with fear. At first, she wouldnt listen to her best friends advice to leave her husband, although she somehow found the courage to defy him little by little. But it wasnt until Dan hurt Sara in one of their confrontations that Nancy finally found the resolve to fight back to save her and her daughter.

About the Author

Taylor C. Turnbull has always had a love for writing, but mostly poetry; this book is her first attempt to write a full-length novel. Aside from writing, she also enjoys horseback riding and working for the rodeo and auction business where she is currently employed.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 44