The Worley Twins Visit The Dentist

By Dawn Worley
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The Worley Twins Visit the Dentist

This book is rich with experiences, exploration, and excitement. The Worley Twins (Heather and AJay) are military children who have lived all over the United States. Their experiences are truly exciting and always a time to remember.

Their preschool journey is documented with concentration on reading-readiness skills. The use of high-frequency sight words, repeating text, and community experiences make each story an actual learning encounter with true-to-life photos that capture the occasion. This series is designed for personal use by the twins and for use in the authors classroom, as she is a special educator of 13 years.

About the Author

Dawn Eyrich Worley is a special education teacher with a Masters Degree and holds four teaching certificates in the states of Minnesota, Alaska, North Carolina and Florida.

As a military wife of twenty-two years, she has lived and taught in many states including Okinawa, Japan. She and her husband, John, have four children: Joshua, Heather, AJay and Justin.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 26