The World Of Bellar

By Katherine McLaren
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The unrelenting battle between good and evil has begun. With the power of the Millenial Fountain, a chosen woman is to conceive twins as her first-born at the dawn of a new millineum. These twins are destined to grow up to two vastly different pathsone will seek harmony and peace while the other will long for viciousness and become the ruler of the Devils Realm.

The World of Bellar by Katherine McLaren procures a magical world where humans are born with supernatural powers and where humans coexist with mystical and mythical creatures like fairies, gargoyles, and griffins.

As Calypso and Serenity are born, the unnatural balance brought by the prevailing twins, Diaboloy and Belinda, is soon to end. The climactic battle that will decide the ultimate end of this world is about to commence.

About the Author

Katherine McLaren was born in Ontario, Canada, and now lives in Manitoba with her husband and four children. A stay-at-home mom, she spends her free time drawing, painting, and writing poetry.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 66