The Window Song

By Lawrence David
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In expressive and emotion-filled verse, poet Lawrence David uses his eloquent way with words to express insight on an array of issues such as faith, youth, fear, passion, addiction and more in The Window Song. The rose half-opened hides the strongest scent. With faith theres still a chance for the possibility of hope. A proverb is a tiny diamond that never stops shining. Everyone dreams of that brief moment when youth and beauty dance together. You cant hold the hand thats closed or ever own the open road. His words are striking, even chilling, and stimulate thought on how these issues affect all of our lives. Join Lawrence David on his search for spirituality in The Window Song.

About the Author

Breaking through the confinements of religion, poet Lawerence David wrote The Window Song, his first published book, to express his unique spiritual outlook in simple poetic form. In addition to writing poetry, Mr. David enjoys music, hiking, and canoeing. He and his wife, Cathy, live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 44