The Unveiling Of The Authentic Life's Mysteries: Volume I: The Power Of Choice

By Br. Winner
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About the Book

Br. Winner had a great desire to share with the whole world every single philosophical truth that God in every single day downloads in his spirit through meditations on his revealed thoughts of the Bible, regarding what it takes to savor ones authentic life on Earth. Secondly, this book shows the close observation of trying to find out why people all over the world and the author have been going through undesirable experiences, results, or situations since the dawn of time. So once a disease is detected, its easier to recommend the remedy. Finally, the author had the strongest desire of helping the new generation coming up after his generation, and the one ahead of him through the series of this book to never make the same mistake he and his head generation have been making.

About the Author

Br. Winner is from D. R. Congo. He is a believer of Jesus Christ as his personal savior and Lord, the source of his wisdom. Currently, he serves Him in the congregation known by the name of the Power in the Name of Jesus Church, located in Gaithersburg, MD. Moreover, he is one of the teachers and preachers of the revealed thoughts of God, the gospel through the Bible.

Through his meditations on the Bible, Br. Winner has learned what it takes to savor one's authentic life on Earth. His greatest desire is to share philosophical truths he learns through the Bible and observations on pain. Most of the people all over the world have been going through undesirable lifestyles since the dawn of time without knowing exactly why. But, once a disease is detected, it can be easily remedied. This is one of fundamental purposes of this book.

Above all, Br. Winner desires to inspire the next generations in particular. By following the instructions in this book, every reader will learn to enjoy life as it should be and to never repeat the same mistakes of the past.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 120